Flexible Interface Tool

The Flexible Interface Tool is specifically developed to support organizations whom face integration challenges from Oracle HCM Cloud to any target system such as payroll systems, learning or recruiting applications, corporate directories and other Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

The fundamental components on which the Flexible Interface Tool is built allow for unsurpassed flexibility and ease of configuration of your desired interfaces.

Residing on a single or multitenant Cloud architecture, or even on premise, the tool can be perceived as a modular extension of the Oracle HCM Cloud application suite.

Diagram FIT architecture

The Flexible Interface Tool is an advanced integration solution in the Oracle HCM Cloud market, and offers significant savings on your Cloud investment by enabling bespoke data interchange between Oracle HCM Cloud and third party systems through file-based interfacing and web services.

There are numerous cost savings to be realized when leveraging the Flexible Interface Tool for your Oracle HCM Cloud integration needs. These savings are as a result of the differential advantage the tool provides which sets it apart from other products in the market.

By far the quickest and most cost effective interface deployment on the market today is the pre-configured interface.

Pre-configured interfaces are existing operational interfaces currently supported within the Flexible Interface Tool, enabling you to ‘plug in’ with minimal effort.

Data mapping & conversion as well as defining standard country specific rules are prime examples of redundant tasks when leveraging a pre-configured interface.

The tool supports:

  • Comma Separated File
  • Tab Separated file
  • fixed file format
  • logical files
  • XML Including headers and footers and multiple record types or data groups.

This makes the tool suitable for a wide range of interfaces

It is common when interfacing to target systems, these require to receive changes only. For instance changes at field level, record level or at the employee level.

These export types are supported at every level or in a combination of these levels. Full exports are supported as well.

The License agreement incorporates a range of services, including a fully hosted solution with access to multiple environments, complimentary access to new releases and guaranteed compatibility with the latest versions of Oracle HCM Cloud.

Additional information

Download the FIT4Cloud brochure or contact us: sales@epicenter.eu