Level-Up Your Data – Steps To Improve Your Data Quality

“Data Quality” are two words that we return to again and again here at Epicenter. We have discussed the importance of HR data in our White Paper, while in our previous blog post on Data Migration we have also talked about how to build the right foundation for your data when deploying a new HR system. But what happens after go-live? How can you keep your data quality high? Let’s first establish what we mean by data quality and how

The Challenges of Data Migration (and Moving Homes)

I am sure every one of you reading this has had to move home at least once in your life. Perhaps your old home was not big enough or didn’t have those modern, must-have amenities. The same can be true of your HR system. Whether due to organisational growth or a desire for greater business intelligence, your company’s needs may have changed and the time is right to make the switch. When you move, the new building you find yourself