About the Interface
The interface is configured to support five countries in East Africa. Due to regulatory requirements, the scope of data for each country is subtly different. The flexibility available in FIT4CLOUD allows to us standardize output for common data points required across all four countries but also account for country specific data requirements.
The interface sends only changes/delta to the data elements within scope during the given pay period.
The interface contains two extract files, the first of these relate to the various Personal and Employment information relating to the worker. This contains standard personal information relating to the worker, in addition, the interface also sends an employee’s bank details and information relating to the workers relationship with the organization.
The second file contains information relating to the employee’s compensation package (Salary/Adhoc and Recurring Payments).

About the System
Mansoft’s Payman Payroll Management System helps to manage employees’ payroll in real-time. The payroll process can be recurring/permanent or Ad-Hoc/casual and in single or multi-currency.
This system comes with a mobile payroll application so staff can view personal payroll information, including payslips, via their own portal or via the mobile app. Payman can be deployed over multiple platforms or in the cloud.


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