About the Interface
This interface covers various fields such as Personal Data, Employment and Assignment Information, and Payroll Data, including Base Salary and Pay Elements. This bidirectional interface runs every day and is secured using SFTP servers to protect the data from unauthorized access.

About the System
Payroll2U is a payroll outsourcing company based in Singapore that provides a range of payroll solutions suitable for small or large organizations in Asia. Their proprietary payroll management system software, smartPay, is a process-driven software available in multiple languages and countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. The software is robust, secure, modular, and available on the cloud, enabling access from anywhere, at any time.

The software’s features include employees being able to view their pay advice and pay history, change their details, submit timesheets, file expense claims, and perform HR-related tasks such as leave applications and training requests. The modules integrate seamlessly, making data available in multiple applications and significantly reducing data entry.

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