Paghe (Infinity)


About the Interface

This bi-directional interface covers a range of fields including Employees’ personal information, employment details, salary, bank accounts and ad-hoc pay elements, all available to be sent from Oracle HCM to Zucchetti. We also interface a set of payroll-processed pay elements from Zucchetti back into Oracle HCM.

About the System

Paghe (Infinity) is Zucchetti’s Payroll product that is the most used by HR Services or Employment Consultancy firms. Zucchetti is the most widely used payroll system in the Italian market, with a comprehensive and sophisticated software solution designed to streamline and automate payroll management. Known for its user-friendly interface and compliance with Italian labour and tax regulations, it offers features such as payroll calculation, tax processing, and employee record management, making it an invaluable tool for organizations seeking to efficiently handle payroll operations while ensuring legal compliance.

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