Oracle Cloud HCM Integration with Your Enterprise Systems Powered by FIT4Cloud

Are you ready to integrate your Payroll and HR systems with Oracle Cloud HCM? Across your business, Epicenter’s Oracle Cloud HCM integration creates a connected and up-to-date system landscape that drives your people strategy and empowers automation of your most important HR and Payroll processes.

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Epicenter’s Oracle Cloud HCM Integration Enhances Performance

In order to truly get the most from your Oracle investment, it’s important to ensure you have a proper integration strategy in place, with the aim to embed it seamlessly within your business application landscape.

That’s where we come in. With our Flexible Integration Tool for Oracle HCM Cloud (FIT4Cloud), we apply expert strategy to manage and deploy your Oracle Cloud HCM integrations. The FIT4Cloud solution helps you achieve your Oracle goals by:

• Expertly deploying outbound and inbound integration
• Delivering efficient preconfigured interfaces
• Creating a healthier data landscape with data scrambling, purging, migration and realignment
• Enabling you to view all data in one place with the HCM Data Hub

By leveraging our years of expertise and countless successful HCM integrations across the globe, we help medium to large companies with all their Oracle HCM integration needs.

Our in-house technical experts deploy built-in features and proven data strategies that enable us to reliably create successful HCM Integrations. Even better, we provide ongoing support after the implementation is complete, meaning that you can focus on carrying out the strategic activity that really matters to you. Leave the technical HCM Integration support to us.

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Get to Know Epicenter Oracle Cloud HCM Integration Solution

If you’re looking for consistent data, then Oracle Cloud HCM integration holds the answers for you. While your many HR, enterprise and payroll systems may deliver fantastic outcomes on their own, they do even better when they’re connected and leveraging the same data. Oracle Cloud HCM integration unlocks HR efficiency and improves process management. Epicenter’s HCM Integrations come standard with reporting and monitoring capabilities, meaning you can quickly gain insight into error logs and online audit trails, which will improve your average maintenance time on HCM integration defect resolution.

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Security and Oracle Cloud HCM Integration

When we integrate your HR and Payroll systems with Oracle Cloud HCM, all system data is protected under the rigorous security standards of Oracle Cloud HCM. Each Oracle Cloud HCM integration we deploy is calibrated towards ensuring high levels of data security, which helps you to stay compliant with data security regulations such as GDPR.

Our Experience with HCM Integration

As part of our extensive experience with Oracle Cloud HCM integration, we have developed a vast library of preconfigured Oracle HCM interfaces with the world’s leading HR and Payroll systems. Not convinced? View the testimonials here. Then, explore the library to select your system and get started.

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