FIT4Cloud: The Hassle-Free Oracle Integration Middleware for your System Landscape

Enrich your business operations and effectively manage your global workforce by tapping into the power of Oracle integration. When you connect Oracle Cloud HCM with your HR and payroll systems, you create a seamless data landscape that can reduce operating costs, fuel strategic decisions and ensure data security compliance across your geographies.

If you’re looking for a simple, hassle-free oracle integration tool, Epicenter’s Oracle integration services are the right choice for you. Wondering how to get started?

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Consider FIT4Cloud Your All-Purpose Oracle Integration Tool

You likely already know that Oracle integration will increase your organisation’s efficiency by connecting HR and payroll data across systems and geographies. Inbound and outbound integrations make sure that your most vital information is always aligned, unpolluted and consistent. But the path to achieving this can be challenging, time consuming and complex.

In our experience, Oracle integration tools and strategies work best when implemented by proven experts. That’s where we come in. We have developed an all-purpose Oracle integration tool called the Flexible Integration Tool for Oracle HCM Cloud (FIT4Cloud), which leverages years of expertise and learning from our successful deployments around the globe to craft a bespoke Oracle integration strategy for you.

FIT4Cloud supports a range of integration needs:

• From Oracle HCM Cloud to your 3rd party systems
• From your 3rd party systems to Oracle HCM Cloud
• Data migration, scrambling or realignment functionalities
• A HCM data hub for access to all your data in one place

Whether you aim to implement smoother people processes, reduce time to hire, or increase payroll efficiency, we can help you achieve a healthy data landscape to support your success.

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Get to Know the Oracle Integration Process

FIT4Cloud is our in-house Oracle integration toolset. With a focus on seamless data consistency and hygiene, we ensure that the data points that matter most to you are integrated effectively. By mapping data attributes during our deep-dive design phase, we ensure that data formats are consistent. We also manage missing data, among other risks, by applying logic that enables us to flag it to you before it becomes an issue. Essentially, this is advanced Oracle integration you can rely on.

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The Benefits of Oracle Integration delivered to you through FIT4Cloud

Oracle integrations through FIT4Cloud feature user-friendly configuration screens and easy to use interfaces. We also focus on flexibility and adaptability over time, as well as customised service based on your unique setup and needs. Epicenter’s Oracle integration tool can unlock new levels of efficiency within your business by connecting your enterprise, payroll and HR systems with Oracle HCM Cloud in a truly user-friendly way.

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Delivering Outstanding Results Globally with FIT4Cloud Oracle Integration Tools

Explore our vast library of pre-configured interfaces for payroll, HR and enterprise applications.

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These pre-configured interfaces are as close to a turnkey Oracle integration solution as you can get! The solution creates a cost-friendly and efficient connection between your systems and Oracle HCM Cloud. You simply select your specific system from the library and we then configure and personalise the integration, which is already in use by fellow Oracle Cloud customers, to suit your unique business needs.

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