Curious about the current state of your PeopleSoft installation? Experiencing performance issues? Need for a second opinion? Epicenter offers you the PeopleSoft Health Check.

A team of experienced consultants will analyze your PeopleSoft Landscape and will present their findings and recommendations in a report.

Long-term usage of PeopleSoft should be an inducement to periodically check the maintainability, stability, performance and continuity. A regular check will give a clear picture of the state of the PeopleSoft system on the mentioned topics and provides insight for possible improvement. Recognizing issues in an early stage will reduce the total cost of ownership of PeopleSoft. Precautionary fixes can prevent serious damage to your installation and will be significantly less expensive than emergency repair. The PeopleSoft health check addresses frequent occurring issues that organizations experience using PeopleSoft. It also provides you with insights into the follow up of related procedures, such as backup and restore.

The PeopleSoft health check exists of a series of checks designed to research the PeopleSoft configuration and performance. These tests will be executed in different parts of the PeopleSoft landscape and related organizational procedures.