PeopleSoft Upgrades are often a nightmare for customers.

We do not handle upgrades merely as a technical hocus-pocus. Together with you we search for a new higher-level implementation, with the best combination of your customizations and the new PeopleSoft enhancements.

PeopleTools upgrade to version 8.54 or 8.55

The latest PeopleTools version 8.55 has recently been released by Oracle. This new version brings a number of significant improvements in the user interface by applying Web 2.0 technology and in development speed by introducing new test tools. Epicenter is up-to-date with the expertise to install this new release. Several projects to upgrade to PeopleTools 8.55 have been accomplished successfully. If you consider upgrading to Tools 8.54 or 8.55 contact us for advice and implementation.


In our opinion upgrade preparation starts with your initial implementation and with our keen methodology and standards and guidelines you will smoothen your maintenance and upgrade efforts.


We are specialized in the new PeopleSoft Fluid technology.

We can adjust your traditional PeopleSoft functionality to Fluid to improve the user experience of your workforce.



Training Administration in Fluid

At one of our clients, we completely redesigned the vanilla Training Administration module to a Fluid design. We did this without any modification to the data structures, so it is upgrade proof.

This new Fluid design integrates seamlessly in the Employee and manager self-service functionality delivered by PeopleSoft.