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With our next generation Flexible Integration Tool (FIT4Cloud), we offer a suite of solutions that help you enhance and manage your HR data landscape.

Outbound and Inbound Integration

Proven bi-directional Oracle Cloud HCM integration enables successful transfer of employee data between all of your business-critical HR systems.

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Data Migration

Efficient and effective data migration ensures that your data is automatically validated and successfully loaded to Oracle Cloud HCM.

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Preconfigured Interfaces

Select your interface from our vast Library. Each interface has been developed with scalability, repeatability, and efficiency in mind.

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Data Scrambling

Protect your data by scrambling highly sensitive data in non-production environments in a scheduled, automated manner.

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Data Purging

Automatically keep up to date with your HR data retention policies. Permanently delete inactive, outdated and obsolete files in compliance with your local data security and privacy regulations.

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HCM Data Hub

Don’t have a single enterprise HCM system? No more guessing in the dark – get a global view of your talent for strategic decision making and reporting in one place.

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Data Realignment

Improve the hygiene of your data across your HR IT landscape by comparing and realigning data points across multiple systems in our integrated data hub.

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Staffing Services

Epicenter source leading talent for both partners and end clients on a global scale focusing on quality, value and speed in niche markets.

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