Data Migration

Whether your company is expanding internationally, setting up new entities, or driving digital transformation, we ensure that all data associated with your new organisation is migrated seamlessly to Oracle Cloud HCM. This means you can say goodbye to incomplete or inaccurate data, and hello to reliable insight into your talent across countries and business areas


Pre-built data loading templates and a one-click automated loading process


Provide data in any format and benefit from our easy-to-use validation reports


Intelligent pre-validation leads to faster completion and fewer errors

Data Migration, Simplified

Our data migration process is guided by the principle of simplicity. To start, you provide us with untransformed data from the source. We’re not picky – you can deliver this in a variety of standard file formats. Have you been tracking things manually on Excel for the last five years? No problem. Send it our way.

Next, we pre-validate the data in FIT4Cloud, our data integration hub. This enables us to bridge gaps and add required information before the migration. Any source data changes are completed at this point, as well as any Oracle configuration corrections.

We then leverage our pre-built loader templates to load the data to Oracle Cloud HCM throughout a series of data migration cycles. Our proven automated process results in fewer errors and faster results for you and your business.

Finally, once the data is migrated, we provide support for you to complete your final data validation.


Improved Data Quality

Manual errors and data inconsistencies are two of the leading causes of data migration failure. We reduce this risk by pre-validating the data in FIT4Cloud, bridging gaps and creating a reliable, accurate data set.

Proven, Simplified Process

Our established data migration process accepts any format of data and prepares it for smooth migration. No more requirement to create a complex Oracle HDL file.

Global Consistency

Our migration process allows you to map to your global data model and validate prior to loading. This allows you to create real uniformity across your global operations and flawlessly move all your data to Oracle Cloud HCM.

Great User Experience

Across migration cycles, our focus is on user experience. Easy to use validation reports, automated HDL creation and single-click loading ensures you can focus on what you know best – your HR data.

Reduced Risk

Data Migration can be time consuming. Our process is supported by technology designed to easily identify and prevent failed data loads. Reducing this risk speeds up the process delivering faster and higher quality results.


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