Data Purging

Maintain a compliant data landscape with automated data purging. Our solution automatically and permanently deletes employee and candidate data from Oracle Cloud HCM according to your criteria. High-accuracy automation empowers you to operate confidently in compliance with local data protection laws with minimal time or effort.


Regularly scheduled purging processes effortlessly remove your outdated data.


The purging process is completely configurable to your data retention requirements.


Records are deleted in compliance with your local data protection laws.

A Relevant and Compliant Employee Data Landscape

HR and talent functions have always overseen large amounts of sensitive personal data on employees, contractors and even job applicants, from salaries to home addresses and performance ratings. Now, in a post-GDPR world, enhanced data security regulations govern more than ever before.

In order to keep your data landscape secure and compliant, it’s important to only retain relevant and legal records, according to the specific policies in your geography. However, manually identifying and deleting data can be time-consuming and prone to human error.

A compliant data landscape with automated data purging is central to a strong strategy in today’s business environment.

Our automated purging solution manages and executes all aspects of data purging so that you don’t have to. This not only supercharges your compliancy level, but it helps you to maintain an accurate employee database, which is central to maintaining a healthy overall data landscape.

Reliable Data Purging

Hassle-Free Automation

Our intelligent data purging automation feature enables you to define the criteria for the data you would like to regularly delete.

Whether that’s how long the data has been held, the type of data, or the intended use of the data, the automated solution is configured based on your needs.

Once the purging process is scheduled, there is no more need to manually identify and delete data, giving you the time to focus on value-adding activities, safe in the knowledge that data retention is taken care of.


Data Security Compliance

You can only legally retain data for a certain amount of time. After that, it needs to be permanently deleted. Data purging enables you to stay compliant and feel confident in your data retention practices.

Efficient Processes

Win back time in your team’s calendars by automating the time-consuming process of identifying and deleting data. Automation is precise and reliable, while also removing the risk of forgetting to remove data, as it can be regularly scheduled.

A Clean Database

Maintain an unpolluted, clean and compliant database with automatic processes that delete any non-compliant or unnecessary data.

Flexibility to Suit Your Business

You may be subject to different data purging requirements across your business’ geographies.

We work with you to help you configure a solution that meets each local need, ensuring compliance and enhanced data security. Our flexible automation can also respond to complex requirements, such as deleting different elements of an employee’s record over time.


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