Data Scrambling

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, compliance with data privacy laws is more crucial than ever. Become a leader in data security with Epicenter’s data scrambling solution for Oracle Cloud HCM.

Highly Effective

Data scrambling available for all data points in your non-Production environments.


A fully-automated solution based on your scrambling parameters.


Data scrambling can be executed on demand with flexible rules to meet your specific scrambling requirements

The process

Complex Data Scrambling Meets Efficient Automation

Our process is guided by efficiency and simplicity above all. First, Epicenter’s expert team will go through a personalised design process with you to craft clear, relevant, and compliant data scrambling rules. Based on our standard rules and your unique use cases, we then create data scrambling templates. These are vigorously tested, and once ready, the data scrambling process becomes fully automated. 

Within the testing and staging environment, names, addresses, identification numbers, salaries and more are automatically anonymised to meet the requirements of privacy laws. This process is repeatable and can be requested on demand. This enables you to test with the same quality and volume of data you would have in the production system, creating upgrades and updates that effectively fuel business performance.

Data you can rely on

Data Security That Makes a Difference

Our secure data scrambling practice anonymises personal data whenever necessary to ensure important employee data remains uncompromised.

Offered as an on-demand service, this can be used alone or in conjunction with our other on-demand services, such as Data Purging and Data Realignment.


Effortlessly Compliant

Data scrambling is a mandatory element of many data security laws. Ensure your company is a confident leader in data compliance, so that you can focus on what really matters to driving your business. No more spreadsheets or emails containing sensitive data.

Enhance Your Training Processes

Data scrambling can facilitate the enablement of a training environment, without losing the real-life impact of the data. Ensure your HR teams are consistently developing their skills and delivering outstanding HR service across your organisation.

Unleash Your Testing Potential

By scrambling your Test environments, you remove the risk of exposing your sensitive HR data to users who normally would not have access to it in your HCM system.

Go Beyond Basic Scrambling

We have developed a uniquely robust and flexible data scrambling process that goes beyond simply anonymising basic data points.

Reduce in-house Costs

Managing data scrambling in-house can be time-consuming and costly, requiring a certain level of expertise and manual effort, often resulting in complex spreadsheet work.

Easily Work With FIT4Cloud

Offered as part of the FIT4Cloud service, our data scrambling can be combined with any of our other services, such as integration, data migration or data purging.

Comply with data privacy regulations, whilst allowing you to leverage your non-production environments for more effective testing, training and development purposes


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