Outbound and Inbound Integration

Our industry-leading inbound and outbound integrations enable your most important HR systems to connect bi-directionally with Oracle Cloud HCM. Get consistent, up-to-date data that supports your business as it evolves and grows.


100% implementation success rate


Flexible interface support lets you rely on our team of experts


Data security & GDPR compliance built-in


Unlock the Real Potential of Oracle Cloud HCM

No matter the complexity of your enterprise system landscape, our team can help you say goodbye to double data entry while enhancing your data’s quality and reliability. Our in-house technical experts have successfully implemented Oracle HCM integrations for years and we specialise in delivering reliable integrations that are “right first time”. Reusability is built in to everything we do so that all our customers, both present and future benefit from our continued innovation. Together, let’s create a consistent, integrated data landscape to further fuel your HR function’s strategic capabilities.

  • Proven: 100% implementation success rate
  • Supported: Flexible interface support lets you rely on our team of experts
  • Secure: Data security & GDPR compliance built-in

Data you can rely on

Where Integrity Meets Consistency

Enhance the way you manage data with a flexible integration. Leveraging both our proven technology accelerators and implementation methodology, we reliably deliver high-quality integrations and provide ongoing managed support for a service that you can really rely on.

The process starts with an integration strategy. Our expert team works closely with you to craft an intelligent approach to your integration roadmap with an emphasis on maximising your return on investment.

Then, we get to work. Guiding you through the design phase, we gather the requirements, map data attributes and design all business logic for the integration. Whether that’s handling exceptions or managing missing data, we apply intelligent logic to create outputs that the target system requires. All integration designs are then configured in our FIT4Cloud integration hub and extensively tested prior to deployment.


Simplified Interfacing

We simplify the intricate process of interfacing data to and from Oracle Cloud HCM. From user-friendly configuration screens to built-in scheduling and monitoring, we craft easy-to-use interfaces.

Enhanced Technology

With hundreds of successful interface deployments across 65+ countries, our technical team has an exceptional understanding of the technology that makes the magic happen.

Optimised Security

Running the latest Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), all data is protected under the same security standards as your Oracle Cloud HCM system. All our interfaces, data transfers and processes are optimised to ensure excellent data security and compliance with local data regulations such as GDPR.

Adaptability over time

Flexibility is central to our strategy. Whether you want to switch Oracle from a secondary to a primary system, add fields to your interface or even upgrade and replace individual systems in your landscape over time, change is built into our tooling with a focus on maintaining data flows.


Get access to reporting and monitoring capabilities that allow easy insight into error logs and online audit trails with our simple tools.


Unleash the full power of Oracle Cloud and capitalise on your investment. Create a data landscape that gives you powerful insights, so that you can reduce time to hire, develop key talent and minimise turnover.


FIT4Cloud is our next-generation smart integration tool

Ongoing Managed Support

Consider us your guide, every step of the way. Once your integration is complete, you have access to our expert, global support team to guarantee your interfaces will be maintained, enabling you to focus your in-house talent on their own area of expertise and avoid costly, time-consuming training.

Just like that, your integration goes from a headache to a smoothly running operation.


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