Pre-Configured Interfaces

Tap into the power of our pre-configured turnkey interfaces. Our vast Library is filled with live interfaces that were developed with scalability, repeatability, and efficiency in mind.


Interfaces are live for our customers.


Plug, fine-tune and play.


Customised to your specific Oracle HCM requirements.

Why reinvent the wheel when you could work with Epicenter?

Together, we can swiftly and efficiently connect your HR, Payroll and enterprise systems with Oracle Cloud HCM. Choose from 250+ proven turnkey interfaces in 65+ countries worldwide. Improve your HR processes with connected data across Oracle and all your other business applications.

It’s time to reimagine the way your HR department leverages data.

  • Proven: Interfaces are live for our customers.
  • Accelerated: Reduced implementation times, simply plug, fine-tune and play.
  • Personalised: Customised to your specific Oracle HCM requirements.


It Works

Simply put, you’re going to get an interface that works. Our turnkey integrations are already running for other Oracle HCM clients. Extensive experience also enables us to cover gaps from older systems, giving us a 100% technical success rate.

Rapid Deployment

As the interface is pre-built, you benefit from a faster integration at a lower cost as well as a lowered deployment risk, meaning you benefit from automated data integration faster.

Reduced Risks

As a pre-configured interface, it’s set up to succeed. Our specialists will know which risks need to be addressed and what the best solution is. They are also ready to tweak the interface to meet your organisational set-up.

Easy Compliance

We focus on alignment with country-specific legal or regulatory requirements which may change over time and impact your interface.

Ongoing Managed Support

Consider us your guide, every step of the way. Once your integration is complete, you have access to our expert, global support team to guarantee your interfaces will be maintained, enabling you to focus your in-house talent on their own area of expertise and avoid costly, time-consuming training.

Just like that, your integration goes from a headache to a smoothly running operation.


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