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Data Scrambling as a Service (DSaaS) is the solution to minimise the security risks associated with using real-life data in non-production environments in Oracle HCM Cloud. By taking your real production data, scrambling it and loading it back into your non-production environments- you create environments with data that looks real but isn’t identifiable.

Are you holding real-life employee data in non-production environments?

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As market-leading HR information systems transition to the Cloud, organisations are dependent on the default prescribed security protocols applied by software giants. These protocols are set to comply with common data privacy regulations and form a solid basis.

Data privacy protection is expected across internal and external usage. Apart from the regular security protocols and regulations that protect organisations from external security threats, it is vital to also set up internal security according to the rank and file of an organisation. This is to avoid encountering issues such as unauthorized use of data by employees. Internal systems contain valuable personal identifiable data or commercially sensitive data. This data is often copied across into non-production environments for testing, development and training purposes. A wide array of staff work in these non-production environments and ideally should not be granted access to sensitive data.

There are several ways to avoid nonessential access; for instance by restricting access to personal identifiable information or even creating dummy data in non-production environments. The downside is that these ways of securing confidential data often inhibit employees from performing their tasks in a viable manner. For example, data in test environments must be similar to real-life data in order for it to be usable during valid testing cycles.

Of course, when looking for a data scrambling tool, there are many aspects to take into consideration. Requirements may differ between organisations, but in general, here are some points to consider:

  • What data points require scrambling?
  • What scrambling rules need to be applied?
  • Which environments require scrambled data?
  • How often do you need your data to be scrambled?

Nowadays organisations are getting used to having services available upon request, and only paying for a service when the need is there, commonly known as the pay-as-you-go concept. Epicenter has applied this concept to Data Scrambling – labeling it as Data Scrambling as a Service (DSaaS). DSaaS is aimed at organisations using Oracle Cloud and goes beyond scrambling PII data only – it allows organisations to scramble ANY data point (including compensation data, Talent profile, performance-related information) when and how they want. This service is fully hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ensuring your data remains within your trusted Oracle Domain.

Join us for a webinar on November 12th at 1PM EST/10AM PST to learn more about Epicenter’s Data Scrambling as a Service and how we can help you secure your data in a fuss-free and cost-efficient manner!


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