Oracle HCM Cloud is an ever-evolving tool with new functionalities delivered every quarter. If you are not continuously optimising and adapting your HR system, you are probably not getting the maximum return on your investment. Our optimisation programme delivers enhancements for Oracle HCM Cloud systems that have been in use for a while. By reinforcing your system to further improve your HR processes, you can realise the true potential of your Oracle investment.

Two main catalysts demand design changes to adapt your HR system to the fast-changing technological and business landscape. Firstly, the quarterly updates from Oracle bring a slew of changes to HCM Cloud – from minor adjustments and regulatory updates to UI transformation and new modules – which means that the Oracle HCM Cloud system would probably have outgrown your existing design. Secondly, workforce requirements and HR processes are evolving along with ever-changing business landscapes, and your current system design may not be able to handle these new requirements and procedures.

Our optimisation programme is designed to overcome these challenges by applying a 3-step method to invigorate your entire Oracle HCM Cloud suite or specific modules, depending on your organisational needs.

Analyse – We identify the enhancements that will bring value to your business by:
– Assessing unmet business requirements
– Performing an implementation health check
– Evaluating support tickets to find areas for improvement
– Assessing new functionalities from recent upgrades
– Considering the suitability of new modules to your business and system landscape

Recommend We provide a list of recommended actions derived from a combination of the analysis in the first step and your desired outcomes and help you prioritise and plan out work packages with structured timelines and precise costs.

Execute – We perform the chosen work packages and enhancements to deliver an optimised Oracle HCM Cloud solution to you