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Jean-Bart Hebbenaar




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Data has always been an integral part of the Finance and Sales functions within organisations. In recent times, data has also found itself an unlikely partner in HR. As HR looks to uphold their rightful seat in the boardroom, data has proven to be a key ally and an important cornerstone, not only within HR but also in cross-functional relationships. What does the Future of Data & Analytics in HR look like?

Based on expert insights our internal subject matter experts and Oracle, Epicenter presents a deep dive into:

  • The importance of data in HR
  • Managing data flows
  • Integrating and retaining quality data whilst moving to the Cloud
  • How HR can use data to provide business value

With a focus on quality data, HR can elevate itself and begin to nurture symbiotic relationships within the organisation to drive greater business cohesion and value for business leaders. Afterall, communication is the key to successful relationships and data is the medium. Download our White Paper today to get a head start into the Future of Data & Analytics in HR.

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