HCM Data Hub

Create a secure central hub for your global data with on-demand access to organisation-wide headcount, job applications, turnover, compensation and so much more. With HCM Data Hub, all your local HR systems report swiftly and easily into the FIT4Cloud repository for stress-free global data management and analysis.


An analytical view of your global data landscape.


Compliant data handling in FIT4Cloud.


Simply integrate any additional systems you need.

A Hub for Data Insights Across Systems

Not all organisations have a single, global HR system of record. Think differently about your HR and enterprise data with the HCM Data Hub, which was designed to meet the needs of today’s modern business.

Not all organisations have a single, global HR system of record. Many rely on a network of local tools managed locally to manage data. The downside to this is a lack of data consistency and difficulty obtaining accurate reporting on your global workforce.

This is where the HCM Data Hub comes in; storing your data in one place, for secure and compliant processing and analysis. Regardless of the size and location of your HR teams, we enable quick and easy Hub setup, delivering strong, standardised and consistent data practices across all your systems.

Execute business decisions based on accurate data by either using our built-in reporting capabilities, or connecting FIT4Cloud to your existing analytics tools.

Data you can rely on

A Smarter Way to Look at Your Business

HCM Data Hub gives you an accurate picture of your workforce for impactful HR strategy. Generate an intelligent data landscape that is up-to-date, reliable, and ready for analysis.

You can generate reports at the click of a button and empower your digital transformation with a smarter data set, today.

Even better, if tomorrow you are looking to implement a global talent or even HCM system, you now have a single, accurate source for employee data.


Simple Board Reporting

Create transparency between HR and the Board with clear and simple reports that cover data from all your most important systems.

Powerful Analytics

Drive the bottom line by leveraging insights into retention rates, headcount, leadership pipelines, compensation and so much more.

Drive Culture and Engagement

Make informed decisions based on employee trends and responses across your business. Create a culture of people-focused support and transparency, driven by a clued-in HR team.

A New Standard System

Inbound interfaces for each of your systems combine to create a central repository in FIT4Cloud. Enhance your day with simple, compliant HR and enterprise analytics.

No Training Needed

Instead of migrating all your teams to one single HR system, which may or may not be suitable for your business, simply use the right system for each area and then leave it to HCM Data Hub to align, transform and store key data points in a central repository from where you can run global, consolidated HR reports.


Need extra reporting capability? Not a problem. HCM Data Hub easily connects with analytical tools such as BI Publisher, PowerBI, Apache Superset and more.

Wondering how you’re going to connect your 10 different HR systems across countries? We’ve got you covered.

To ensure up-to-date information across countries, HCM Data Hub connects systems throughout your organisation. Our own reporting technology makes it easy to view trends and simple third-party tool add-ons make for easy analysis.


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