Managed Integration Services

It is generally known that achieving successful data integration across multiple systems is frequently underestimated in terms of complexity & the need for skilled resources to effectively handle the workload.  As a result, budget overruns and delays often move from being potential risks to actual issues on your project log.

Epicenter introduces FIT4Cloud (Flexible Integration Tool for Oracle HCM Cloud) which focuses on supporting Oracle HCM Cloud customers to integrate HCM Cloud within their system landscapes.

Configuration versus Programming

FIT4Cloud has proven to simplify the intricate process of interfacing data to and from Oracle HCM Cloud by enabling user friendly configuration screens to define interfaces and manage data migration. By eliminating the need for programming, interfaces can now be designed and configured by functional HRIS and Business analysts independently of technical resources.

Competitive advantage thru Enhanced Technology

With over 100 successful interface deployments across 60+ countries, FIT4Cloud has proven to meet the highest level of requirements when establishing interfaces. FIT4Cloud runs on the latest Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and therefore data is protected under the same security standards applicable within your SaaS environments.

The Master/Slave system trade off concept

It is very common that HCM Cloud deployment strategies will change  over time. HCM Cloud may start off as a Slave system, and eventually be promoted to the Master system of records for HCM data. FIT4Cloud is designed to facilitate this Master/Slave trade off, without the need for major reverse engineering of the interfaces already in place. FIT4Cloud architecture is specifically designed to support bi-directional integration configuration allowing you to capitalize on your previously made investment.

More than just integration

FIT4Cloud is supported by functionality such as reporting and monitoring capabilities which allow easy access to error logs and online audit trails. With the click of a button you can generate a detailed Interface design document from FIT4Cloud which eliminates the need for maintaining documentation outside of the system.

Single Tool, multipurpose

FIT4Cloud supports the following types of common data integration requirements

  • From Oracle HCM Cloud to ANY 3rd party system
  • From ANY 3rd party system to Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Data migration or data realignment exercises between your systems of record
  • (Mass) Document Upload functionality

Subscription based pricing

Interface as a Service is offered on a subscription basis and fully supports the pay-as-you-integrate concept. This allows you to easily (un)subscribe to the services you need at any given time.  Your interfaces can be managed fully by Epicenter or in cooperation with your internal support department.